Your Child’s Learning Environment

Children at the Lemonade Stand are grouped with children of a similar age, so that they can laugh, learn and grow in an environment which best suits their developmental milestones. We understand that every age group has its own needs and so we offer dynamic and exciting play-based programs that contribute to positive long-term outcomes for the children. We focus on their individual strengths, interests and needs.

Seedling Studio

They’re on the move! We have a safe and fun environment for toddlers to explore.

Everything in our Seedling Studio is designed for little explorers. That’s because a lot is going on at this age. When your child is wandering all over the place, it means they’re learning and discovering new things every day.

Sunbeam Studio

We channel that boundless energy and tap into their natural curiosity to maximise their development during this explorative time.

Within the Sunbeam Studio, children develop an interest in their world through many opportunities to explore and play. Our caring educators set a daily rhythm for toddlers that includes group time, story time, outdoor play, meals and snacks, naps, and most especially, lots of playtime (because we know so much learning happens when they have engaged educators nearby).

Bloom Studio

At the Lemonade Stand, we believe laughter and play are essential components to learning. Our Bloom Studio, a pre-kindy, is filled with fun daily activities and learning, creating a welcoming space for children to make friends while enjoying lots of laughter. It is supported by our highly qualified and compassionate educators, making The Lemonade Stand an amazing place for your child to grow and thrive!

We welcome and value partnerships with our families, as your input assists us in making your child’s early learning journey unique, happy and educational.

Flourish Studio Kindergarten

Welcome to The Lemonade Stand kindergarten: the gateway to primary school and everything that comes next!

Our Flourish Studio is a place where children love to learn, play, interact, explore, grow, develop and just be themselves.

We have experienced, qualified early childhood teachers who both support and implement fun, educational experiences based on each child as an individual.